UFC 70 Official Results

UFC 70 Poster

Paul Taylor defeated Edilberto Crocota by TKO from strikes at 0:37 of rd 3.
Jess Liaudin defeated Dennis Siver by armbar at 1:21 of rd 1.
Alessio Sakara defeated Victor Valimaki by TKO from strikes at 1:44 of rd 1.
Junior Assuncao defeated David Lee by rear choke at 1:55 of rd 2.
Terry Etim defeated Matt Grice by front choke at 4:38 of rd 1.
Cheick Kongo defeated Assuerio Silva by decision.
Lyoto Machida defeated David Heath by unanimous decision.
Michael Bisping defeated Elvis Sinosic by TKO from strikes at 1:20 of rd 2.
Andrei Arlovski defeated Fabricio Werdum by unanimous decision.
Gabriel Gonzaga defeated Mirko “CroCop” Filipovic by KO from kick to the head at 4:51 of rd 1.

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  1. Man, cant wait for this card!

  2. im betting on CroCop!

  3. where are the championship fights, this card sucks

  4. hope werdum crushes arlovski

  5. like to see crocrop vrs arloski
    winner take coutour

  6. randy is the noobiest of the 3… plus cro cop is gonna be hte next champ

  7. winner of mirko n gonzaga gets couture……….its gonna b free on spike tv with a tape delay……… at 9 p.m.i believe

  8. forresst hriffin wont fight because he has staff infection… instead david heath will take his place

  9. Heard the ICEMAN called out CRO-COP; be careful what you wish Chuck! Not saying ICEMAN isn’t nasty, but MIRKO is a machine.Thoughts?

  10. WOW! what a dream matchup that would be! I gotta believe it would end in a brutal KO. Please Dana White put this 2gether!

  11. Nathan “The Great” Marquardt is up next for UFC Mid-Champ Anderson “The Spider” Silva…hate to say it because I like the Spider, but he’s gonna lose to Marquardt via submission! Anyways, I’m waiting till Dana has the superbowl of mixed martial arts with the purchase of Pride…Although, I don’t agree with the Zuffa aquisition of Pride FC and it possibly will change the Pride rules into UFC standards, However, we can finally shut up these supposite MMA fans who bitch about which oganization is better. The Zuffa aquisition of Pride will mean big match-ups and you should be grateful! if your pissed because Pride is bought out, its because you’re scared of your favorite fighters being slapped around like little bitches…if you’re a UFC or Pride or a whatever FC fan! be grateful just to finally truly expect a MMA PPV thats gonna be a BANG for your buck! Who knows…”Axe Murderer” finally meets “Iceman”, Fedor and Cro Cop Rematch or Fedor vs. “The Natural”, “Hollywood” Henderson Vs. Franklin or Filho or whoevers UFC mid-champ at the time, or who knows…maybe Dana will unleash Sokoudjou in a deep Light-heavyweight divison! the Match-ups are endless!

    peace out MMA fans,

  12. ps.I wanna see the Werdum vs. Arlovski fight…its gonna be a fight…and i tell you, your gonna be stunned! Too be honest, don’t count out Napao! I love Cro Cop and want to see him knock out Napao…but Napao’s no joke! I’m very disappointed because I won’t see a Griffin vs. Machida fight! Machida is one of two mma fighters that beat Franklin…but i’m pretty sure that North America will see what Lyoto’s about! You think Okami’s good? wait till you see Lyoto! and Okami is a great fighter no question!

  13. As of today these rankings seem somewhat antiquated…why aren’t they up to date in such an everchanging sport? Also, what’s the status of Roger Gracie in regards to ever fighting in the UFC? The 1st and last time I saw him was at Bodog in St. Pete, USSR…he beat some massive bald ex-UFC stud w/an arm bar very early on…he was undefeated at the time & it was like only his second full-contact fight in an MMA type of competition/format. Just would like some info on some of these type guys who are already great yet just getting started to pursue MMA from championing in other disciplines.

    Thanks & stay the course…


  14. How and when will there be a match that can once and for all declare Fedor the World Heavyweight Champion? Who can actually sanction a world title match to settle this and why has it not happened?

  15. fedor, why is he ranked number 1 when he has been fighting nobodys, he founght mark hunt the kickboxer matt lindland 185 pounder ffs his only creadable win is cro cop and nogeria and cro cop jus got knocked out by gonzaga and then beaten by kongo.

    and shogun got destroyed by forrest and is still ranked higher than him, the pride fighters coming in to the cage are having a hard time.

    i dont rate shogun i predicted that he would lose the fight, and barnett ranked that high come on he left the ufc after beating randy and went to pride because he got caught using steriods, so that win should be void and tim ilvia ranked above randy when he put a clinic on him?????

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