PRIDE 34 Official Results

  • PRIDE 34 Kamikaze poster

Participants Officially Announced for PRIDE 34

1. Yoshihiro Nakao defeated Edson Drago by submission from neck crank in rd 1.

2. Eric “Butterbean” Esch defeated Zuluzinho by keylock submission in rd 1.

3. Makoto Takimoto defeated Zelg Galesic by armlock in rd 1.

4. Gilbert Yvel defeated Akiri Shoji by TKO from punches in rd 1.

5. James Thompson defeated Don Frye by TKO (strikes) in rd 1.

6. Shinya Aoki defeated Brian Lo An Joe by armbar in rd 1.

7. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou defeated Ricardo Arona by KO in rd 1.

8. Jeff Monson defeated Kazuyuki Fujita by rear choke in rd 1.

Bazagit “Volk” Atajev (off the card)
Wanderlei Silva (off the card due to NSAC)
Igor Vovchanchyn (off the card)
Mark Hunt (off the card)
Hidehiko Yoshida (off the card)
Kazuhiro Nakamura (off the card)
Ikuhisa Minowa (off the card)
Josh Barnett (off the card)
Denis Kang (off the card)

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  1. its a fukin shame that pride was bought say good buy to the real hard core mma and the classic head stomp.
    this makes me wonder how the pride fighters feel are the happy or pissed because i know some fighter left UFC because they werent treated fairly n now there in that same boat again

  2. SOUKOUDJOU is the fu*#ing man.Where the hell did this cat come from? Two nasty KO’S against Noguera & Arona! This is a bad man. Can’t wait to see who’s his next victim!

  3. I never really understand why matt hughes is ranked so poorly. he is the most dominant welterweight champ ever and he loses one fight and he loses respect. his talent will be undeniable when he wins the belt back. he is pound for pound the powerful fighter out there and he will once again, overwelm his opponants in the near future

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