Welterweight Top Ten

Welterweight Top Ten for September, 2007:

Sorry, these Rankings have been lost.

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  1. Matt Hughes best welterweight EVER , GSP second at the moment

  2. ya id agree right now hughes is still the man GSP is the future and serra is just kinda getting by hes gonna go like a year without defending the tital
    but i guess he was injured matt would’a done him worse thow. Fitch is the man and should fight koscheck
    plus swick moving down in wieght class is crazy keep an eye on him.

  3. Tyson’s decent but still has ALOT to prove before he is ranked in the top 10.

  4. wrong comment lol

  5. Well, apparently GSP is better than Hughes.

  6. GSP is for real i bet serra cant even get a good nights sleep now. nor anybody in the welterweight division. i still think hughes is good but its like when you fight st pierre he makes you look like you suck eg shawn sherk frank trigg hughes twice koscheck and soon to be serra. actually serra always sucked.
    If swick wins his next he should fight fitch for #1 contendership. George will crush them all anyways.

  7. Dont get me wrong, Hughes is a brute, but the time has passed him, he was too dominant in his time. All he did was slam the man and ground and pound. He was on top soo long that he did not round his game, he was satisfied with the same routine and everyone else tweaked and peaked their skills. Hughes has a few fights left in him. I think that a Hughes BJ Penn 3 should be in the wind. That would be a rediculous turnout. Being that they are tied 1 to 1. I think that Hughes will fight everyone untill he gets the chance to BEAT that bitch Serra into the ground. He has this strange undeserved sence of self accomplishment. His claim to fame is getting a LUCKY back of the head hit on GSP. Does he not remember UFC Ultimate knockouts 1? Shouney Carter’s spinning Back fist? GSP is the word Athlete personified. I think that GSP will run things for a while. He LIVES MMA and has never had a MMA trainer untill after the Serra fight. He is going to grow soo much and be a very rounded fighter!

  8. heres a 2008 preview for ya. bj wins interim lightweight title defends it sherk comes back they go to war all the while hughes is getting older and worse, serra is in intensive therapy thanks to george fitch lines up a #1 contenders shot and hughes and penn never fight. the end.

  9. Sweet message. Hughes is nowhere near the level that GSP is and never will be

  10. 1. GSP
    2. Matt hughes
    3. BJ penn
    4. Jon Fitch
    5. Josh Koscheck

  11. GSP is the man to beat, and no one has the ability to do it, not right now, GSP is going to be on top for a while. BJ is a bit of a dick, dont get me wrong, he is a great fighter, one of only two to hold belts in two weight classes, i was cheering for him against sherk, then after the fight he made the, “who wants to see me fight GSP”, comment. It was then i lost all respect for him. You just defended your belt and now you have to try to rain on Rush’s parade? Let me save you some time and beatings bj, if you ever get the chance to fight GSP again, i guarantee that he is gonna make you wish you had stayed in the LW division.
    Oh ya, and one more thing before i go, when it comes to GSP, I truly believe, we havent seen nothin yet!!!
    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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