Lightweight Top Ten

Lightweight Top Ten for September, 2007:

Sorry, these Rankings have been lost.

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  1. BJ Penn is the best lightweight ever! he must be n°1 in the ranking by far

  2. gsp is the man

  3. Sean Shirk cannot be stopped by anyone that i have seen in the current light weight division. GSP is not in the light weight division at this time, if he cuts weight, he should dominate.

  4. Sean Sherk vs. BJ Penn wouldve been a great fight. They BOTH were top ten welterweights!George St.Pierre will NEVER make lightweight! Hes a big welterweight & would beat most (if not ALL) middleweights, so give your heads a shake.

  5. there will be no gsp at lightweight, he would beat down everybody. sherk and penn is the allstar matchup in the lightweight division. too bad sherk tested positive for steroids, now he has to work his way back up, but penn should dominate for a while.

  6. yes gsp is the man but the thing is is hes welter dumb ass. and gomi would run through sherk and penn. it should be 1.gomi 2.melendez 3.sherk 4.penn 5.huerta

  7. Huerta top man at Lightweight , BJ penn close second, melendez third , Gomi fourth , and sherk at fith becuse hes a DECENT fighter but one dimensanal and Boring to watch (but can be effective) also Clay guida and Joe stevenson will improve this year and could break into the top five ( does Gomi fight in the UFC yet?)

  8. i think your all forgetting about tyson griffon i aint sayn hes the best but hes damn good and sherk got screwed do your research. heil be back and his matchup with penn will be amazing but probably similar to penn and hughes with penn gassing and sherk just crushing him in the third or fourth round.

  9. so now sherk is definately getting fucked over i hope he comes back and kills whoever has the title and he likely will. penn and stevenson will be interesting penn should win. tyson vs huerta manny gamburian up and commer for sure kenny florian piece of shit. lol somebody needs to kick that guys ass.

  10. There might not be one person in here who knows what they are talking about. Do any of you actually watch the UFC or any other MMA organization? First of all, GSP is a big welterweight and will never cut down and i know someone has corrected that already, and i do believe he would beat most middleweights, not sure about all though. Sherk would run through division? B.J. would submit him without breaking a sweat. And if GSP somehow went down in weight he would roll through everyone? B.J. was working GSP and then gassed because his problem is he is not motivated to train. He has recently said that that was the one fight that haunts him and he wants that fight more than anything. Sounds like motivation to me. And Gomi would run through Penn? Penn has already beaten Gomi via submission, and would easily do it again. Saying Huerta is top lightweight is outrageous, he has had no competition thus far besides Guida which is not saying too much, and NO GOMI IS NOT IN THE UFC. I cant believe that was a serious question. And I think if Penn and Sherk fight Penn will win because if it were to go far I truly think Penn has matured and is motivated to train hard now and wont gas. But i still think that fight is over early via submission.

  11. k honsestly, i dont think sherk should ever be mentioned again. im not a hater, just i dont think people who use steriods have much class. you know its wrong so why do it?? and plus too i looked up to him because i simply seen the UFC all access, and by his training, i thought hell yeah he should be that in shape and strong. but then i was dissapointed. but penn no doubt number 1.

  12. k fuck you sports fan do your research first buddy sherk got screwed look in to it and you will see and even if he did(which he didnt)so does half the fuckin athletes out there every sport since steroids were made hes just one of the few who got cought. sorry screwd.

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  14. shut the fuck up!sorry screwed ass dude, sherk got caught so fuck it .fools like you need to let the shit go already and quit fucking crying already .get ur ass on the mat if u feel that stongly or be afucking bunch of fucking pussys and sit at ur desks and type back some shit

  15. i would like to see huerta vs sherk, penn, gommi, any dude who is in the top five so i can see his real potential. i think sherk is best

  16. in case you missed it, penn made sherk look like an amateur. penn is #1 in the world. they don’t call him the prodigy for nothing.

  17. Eddie Alvarez should easily be considered a top 10 figher at 155

  18. Who ever said gomi would run through penn is a fuckin idiot. bj penn beat gomi very easily when they fought. Look at penns mma record and you will see he one by rnc. gomi lost to nick diaz and he wouldnt be able to handle alot of guys strength.

  19. sherk would over power gomi aswell

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