Light Heavyweight Top Ten

Light Heavyweight Top Ten for September, 2007:

1.. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson

2.. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua

3.. Dan Henderson

4.. Chuck Liddell

5.. Wanderlei Silva

6.. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou

7.. Ricardo Arona

8.. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

9.. Tito Ortiz

10. Kazuhiro Nakamura

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  1. who do forrest griffin and keith jardine have to beat to get on this list? ru kidding me

  2. i couldnt say it any better myself espeacially when forest is challenging for the title but i think thats just dana white’s way of getting ratings for the next ultimate fighter. smart but lame for keith hes probably wonderin WTF. plus rashad is pretty solid him and jardine should fight again. Tito hes to busy makin t shirts and hangin with his porn star gf to care for fighting it didnt look like he trained for rashad like he does other fights. Silva and chuck will be insane both realy need a win.

  3. Jardine and Griffin should both be in top ten but as much as i like forrest he will be BEATEN bad by jackson.Ortiz is finished and will never ever be a fighter worthy of a top 10 spot ever again.I agree that the Silva and chuck fight will be good, although neither are in ther prime any more they both nedd a win to stay with the best Light heavyweights in the world.I see jardine becoming a real title contender this year.Shogun is good but over rated

  4. i think shogun should fight tiago silva hes not that known but he is undefeated and he just beat houston alexander. if jardine can win his next fight he will definately be a title contender i think he allready is with his last two wins. Forest will lose to jackson because rampage hits harder than jardine does and i think he could drop forest should be a decent fight thow cause randy is forrest trainer after all. i wanna see how silva does against jackson thow cause hes beaten him twice. chucks on his way out if he cant beat silva anyways. STACKED DIVISION

  5. chuck you might still have it in ya buddy he needs to fight shogun that would be huge but beating the only man to beat rampage twice kinda helps him get back into title contendership.

  6. How the hell is Tito even in the rankings anyway? He’s a bum. Lennox Lewis bitch slapped him to the ground behind the scenes at Celebrity Apprentis and he ran off like a girl. Chuck if the man, undoubtedly. Wans face looked like a sack of meet sandwiches after the fight. And dont even get me started on that fucking libririan Jardeen. He is a bum! Did anyone watch the fight with Chuck? Chuck was not even into it. If they stepped into the ring again, which I doubt, Chuck wil massacare him. Chuck needs to fight Dan Henderson to get his shot back, even though it wont happen because Henderson is being pressured into going Middleweight by Dana White, but nevertheless chuck would kick his ass. Not taking anything away from Henderson, hes a great fighter, but chucks style beats his lack of stand up. I think that the premere fight would be Brandon “The Truth” Vera and Chuck Liddell. Vera could easily drop the weight, Silvia already porved he is too small for heavieweight. That fight would draw the BIG crowd!

  7. verra in light heavy is possible and interesting espeacially since he called out chuck a while back i think chuck could deal with him thow. wanderlai and houston alexander would be wicked cause of the way their styles match up. lyoto and tiago silva would be cool cause there both 11-0 i think. sokoudjou can fight shogun. it would be nice to see chuck fight jardine again and kick his ass but i think keith is better than you give him credit for. bisping good riddins i hope anderson silva kills him but he wont get a title shot anyway okami marquardt or franklin could deal with him im dying to see henderson and anderson silva i cant even pick a winner for that one. maybe dan cause hes got a decent chin and could take a few from anderson but who knows. i guess i just went on a rant there and you can consider this my message for both lightheavy and middleweight. Buck who you think will win between rampage and forrest?

  8. I think that The Spider will beat henderson. He is such a smart fighter. Henderson is good, his chin is strong, but Silva is really good and is also on such a hot streak that he is on a different level right now. I dont really think it is a question of how hard Hendersons chin is or how hard Anderson hits, but Silva, I think, is an overwhelming fighter. He comes with an array of weapons, and seems to get into the compititions head in the ring. Also Henderson is coming off a loss. I guess it really depends on how hungry henderson is and how much it will effect him droping to Middleweight, although I dont really think it will matter much. And Wan and Houston would me a good fight. Houston is a friggen thug and Wan is a beast. But I am pretty sure that Wan would win. His head is like a bucket of cement. Chuck hits like an SUV and only rocked him twice, well, really rocked him twice. Houston is pure emotion, and I think that Wans level head and good all around defense will make him the superior fighter. And if Wan gets him to the ground? Its over! You saw Houstons last fight. He looked like a fish out of water. No idea what to do on the ground. Its dissapointing now a days having these Brawlers in there pulling KO wins off the people who are dedicated fighters, improving their ground game as well as their stand up. But I also dont mind seeing some amuseing KOs. I see bots sides of the spectrum. And for the Forrest griffin and Rampage? I fucken hate Rampage, even though he is a really good fighter. I cant stand that howling bullshit. But I may just be upset because he beat my boy Chuck up. The whole Liddell Jackson fight turned around when Rampage “flexed” and taunted Chuck. Got him off his game. Chuck is a defensive fighter, he just got caught. But I still think Quinton may be too much for Forrest. Jardeen made him cry… WHat the shit is that? Forrest is good but he needs to man up, focus more on MMA and less on guest spots on T.V. MMA is a career not a hobby. So I think, although I dont like it, Forrest will be KO’d, if not the first then early in the second. Kind of a balsy prediction though. And Jesus dont get me started on Bisping, he got his ass whooped by that Deaf guy, brain fart, and somehow got the win. I was disgusted! He was beat to shit and the other guy was barely out of breath. And Vera did call out Chuck about a year ago but I think that he may want to hold his toung. He has good standup but not the skills to overcome Chucks takedown defense. Chuck will trade with him and then after he gets rocked Chuck will do what he do best. Lyoto and Tiago would be a nice fight to see. And Shogun would defeat Sokoudgo, not a big fan of the self proclaimed Preditor. What the fuck is that? I am just gonna start calling myself t-bone. What a moron. What? He went into Pride and beat a few bums and now he is “the Preditor”? Ryoto pretty much man handled him. Enough said about him…

  9. i prety much agree with most of what you said finally someone who knows a thing or two about the sport.
    how you feel about rashad maybe him and matt hamil(def guy)should fight could be decent. i have no clue who chuck fights next, everybody wants him to fight rampage again but forrest is in line and there not gonna fight till the summer or whenever(gay) but its all this hype shit with the ultimate fighter. dana, i know wants to give chuck a shot again Massive seller plus their friends maybe this time rampage will get more than half of what chuck makes. haha anyways who cares i just wanna see em go again. such a crazy division of hot streaks sudden knock outs lop sided decisions and crazy upsets im expecting the same from 2008 whats your prediction?

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