Heavyweight Top Ten

Heavyweight Top Ten for September, 2007:

1.. Fedor Emelianenko

2.. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

3.. Josh Barnett

4.. Randy Couture

5.. Gabriel Gonzaga

6.. Mirko “CroCop” Filipovic

7.. Andrei Arlovski

8.. Aleksander Emelianenko

9.. Tim Sylvia

10. Fabricio Werdum

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  1. nice rankings!

  2. WE

  3. the heavyweight category is a little kiltered in my opinion. why does Fedor top the list? when was the last time he fought a top ranked contender? Randy Couture should be at the top I think. According to your list, he’s defeated quite a few of the top 10. you can* say that for Fedor. Hopefully, now that Randy is out of UFC we might actually see a fight between the two.

  4. when is FEDOR going to fight in the UFC? Specifically to unify the title.

  5. probably never now cause fedor wont take the fight and randy and dana have beef so now its like weil never see the fight. anyways gonzaga or brock lesnar will have the title soon enough.
    i want kimbo in ufc against cro cop.

  6. sadly i dont think Couture will ever fight again.Fedor needs to fight in the UFC to prove himself as the best heavyweight.And in his prime CROCOP would kill Kimbo, kimbo slice will never fight in the ufc and if he does he will get his ass kicked he’s never fought anyone world class in his Life.the next Heavyweight champ will either be cheik congo, tim sylvia (boring but effective fighter) or gonzaga , i look foward to seeing Lesnar as he has exelled in every sport he has ever compeated in but frank mir if a tough dude and a very tough first test

  7. TRUE TRUE TRUE but dana is ever the opportunist and he knows theirs big buzz around kimbo and getting him on a card with someone like cro cop would be a massive seller wich is all he cares about for ex forrest as the coach of tuff 7 and #1 contender (bullshit) anyways randy will be missed and is easily the best in the ufc’s heavyweight division. brock will beat mir just watch then heil face somebody else and eventually get the title heil be like the heavy wieght version of sean sherk ground and pound supreme to get the win. sadly tim silvia is an effctive fighter getting by because hes 6’8 congo needs some work his ground game needs to be alot better aginst world class fighters but heil fight silvia next so he wont need to worry about it. orlovski and cro cop would be nice but weil see

  8. Are you retarted? Gonzaga or Lesner having the title? Thats obsurd! Lesner will be fucked up by anyone with a decent standup. The only thing he has going for him is his wrestling and brute strength. Gonzaga? Well Randy Coture can answer that one. Also, Fedor wants the fight against Coture, and deserves to be number one, he just signed a new contract with M-1 that offers any UFC fighter an additional 1 million dollars to fight. But it will have to be in Europe. And Arlovski is a bum now, how is he even on the top ten list? He needs to win a few more fights before he can get in the ring with Cro Cop. Even though his performance has been less than impressive in his last two fights, he is still a top contender.

  9. mark my words lesnar will smash mir and eventually have the title like i said the heavyweight version of sean sherk. Randy looks like hes done with the sport so he wont be fighting anybody unless you know something about it i dont? (but ya he fuckin owned gonzaga)anyways now silvia has a title shot and if he wins im killin myself. ya arlovski sucks now but im an old fan of him so im wantin him and another stand up guy to go at it. kongo wont have the title cause of his ground game in this day and age it will get exposed by someone like gonzaga or brock. niether will cro cop for that matter.
    Fedor is the rightful king of heavyweight but is playing hard to get with dana. cro cop doesnt fight with the same hunger anymore and oppenents know how to deal with him now so i dont think the road gets any easier for him,but if he would just kick silvia’s head off for me that would be great.

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